Investment Areas

The Nation’s Renewable Energy sector is poised for spectacular growth, creating unparalleled opportunities for strategic partnerships and investment to develop and commercialize competitive technologies, products and provide services to the sector. The renewable energy sector is green and developing. We are pleased that Nigeria is endowed with vast and varied natural resources including massive supplies of water, solar, wind and biomass-as raw materials to produce green-energy.

The Federal Government of Nigeria is committed to developing the Plans and Programmes like the Federal Ministry of Environment’s Renewable Energy Programme are in place to ensure the development and growth of the sector. Based on the above, the Federal Ministry of Environment has in place solar, wind, waste-to-energy and to fuel related projects which include :

  • Mining of’ Dumpsites in all major cities of the country to capture methane.
  • Establishment of Integrated Biofuel Production ‘ using sugarcane or sugar-rich Biomass in Nigeria. Each plantation measuring a minimum of 2000 hectares of land (Adamawa, Ekiti and Niger States ready for investment match- making)
  • Provision of Renewable Energy Integrated Solar Dryers for rural communities.
  • Creation of smokeless villages using biodegradable wastes as part of government’s rural energy security initiative.
  • Establishment of Solar PV grid-tied systems in the six geopolitical zones of the Federation.
  • Establishment of Wind Farms in 6 states; Plateau, Enugu, Sokoto States are ready for investors.
  • Establishment of Waste to Energy Projects in 6 states of the country – Plateau, Rivers, Edo, Kwara, Ekiti States and the Federal Capital Territory.
  • Establishment of THE ABUJA GREEN CITY- a city with zero carbon emission and is proposed to be modelled like Masdar city in United Arab Emirates.
  • Establishment of Renewable Energy Village – A village dedicated to technology development, manufacturing, assembly, distribution, sales and maintenance of renewable energy components.
  • Establishment of Renewable Energy Small and Medium Enterprise development institute. A training institute dedicated to training entrepreneurs to stimulate manpower development and wealth creation in the clean energy sector.