Our Team

The Company is managed by a dedicated and committed board of directors, who work as a professional team to ensure that the company is properly managed in line with its core values. The Board represents and acts on behalf of the shareholders to make overall policy decisions and protects shareholders interest. Mattwale's board has great power and also great responsibility. Specific duties of the board of directors and of individual board members, committees, and officers are set by the corporate by-laws.
The board directors have to take care of the finances and legal requirements of the Mattwale Energy Company. They act in good faith and with a reasonable degree of care, and do not have any conflicts of interest. That is, the interests of the company must take precedence over personal interests of individual board members.

  • Matthew A.Ojo (MD)
  • Mrs. Felicia Kolawole Director
  • Arch. Ayodeji A. Tajudeen Director
  • Dr.Wenhaji N. Claudine (miss) Director
  • Mr.Olusola Balogun Director

The Mattwale Energy Company's brand is focused on its culture and values. These values are - Trust, Integrity, Creativity, Efficiency, Quality Service, Assisting in Business Growth and Excellence in all Spheres.

Our vision is to become one of the leading and highly successful Energy companies in the world. Also to promote unity and co-operation to address poverty, environmental and climate change challenges, in conjunction with various organisations and the governments. Yes, we will get there!